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1. What is Vietnamese broken rice?

Broken Rice (Com Tam) is a popular type of white rice served with many Vietnamese dishes. You often see it in rice plates featuring a combination of grilled meats, egg meatloaf, salad and pickles.

2. How do you eat Com tam?

Com tam is eaten using a fork and spoon, the preference of most Southeast Asian countries when it comes to utensil combos. It might feel strange eating a slab of pork without a knife but trust me when I say that pork is so soft, your spoon will be able to easily slice through the meat.

3. Is broken rice good?

Broken rice is fragments of rice grains, broken in the field, during drying, during transport, or by milling. ... It is as nutritious as the equivalent unbroken rice (i.e. if all the germ and bran remains, it is as nutritious as brown rice; if none remains, it is only as nutritious as white rice).

4. Why is broken rice so good?

Due to the different size and shape of the grains, broken rice has a different, softer texture from "unbroken" rice, and absorbs flavours more easily. It cooks faster, using less fuel, and can be used to make rice porridges and congees, which need long cooking times.

5. What food is usually served with broken rice?

When served, broken rice is accompanied by numerous toppings such as fried eggs, shredded pork skin, grilled pork chops, or deep-fried fish patties. The usual garnishes include lime wedges, chopped spring onions, and mint, while accompaniments served on the side include sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, pickled vegetables, or dipping sauces.